Little Character Badges Set

Little Character Badges Set

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Little Character Badges is designed for children ages 3-5 and is an excellent way to teach younger children the habits of good behavior!

Everything has been designed with little ones in mind. Compared with Character Badges, the Little Obedience and Disobedience charts have fewer categories and each row has fewer spaces to fill in. Also, to help keep things as simple as possible for your child, the reward and consequence portion of the system is built right into the charts.

Included in this set are two sheets of adorable Little Character Badge stickers. These are awarded to your child when they check off the "smiley spaces" on their Little Obedience Chart!


1 - dry-erase Little Obedience Chart

1 - dry-erase Little Disobedience Chart

2 - Little Character Badge sticker sheets (48 stickers total)

1 - dry-erase marker with eraser and magnetic cap.

1 pg. instruction sheet

Recommended for children ages 3-5.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to potential choking hazard, the dry-erase marker and Character Badge Stickers are not to be used by children 3 and under.


Please select the number of children that will be using the system from the drop-down menu below. Each additional child will receive one additional Little Obedience Chart, Little Disobedience Chart, and Character Badge sticker sheet. For information on classroom quantities, please contact us.